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A guide to some of the fun things waiting for you in Jeddah.

Jeddah, a Saudi Arabian port city on the Red Sea, is a modern commercial hub and gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina. Resort hotels, beaches and outdoor sculptures line the Corniche, a seafront promenade anchored by the iconic King Fahd’s Fountain. The city’s Al-Balad historic district dates to the 7th century and retains traditional homes built from coral.

Beit Nassiff

Visiting Beit Nassiff, the oldest residence in Historic Jeddah, you will be amazed by the unique Hijazi architecture that is surrounded by traditional shops. Once you step inside the amazing masterpieces and artwork of the historic residence will take you back in time with insights of the city’s history.


Right in the heart of old Jeddah in a fairly decrepit looking area is Al Balad. Balad meaning ‘town’ in Arabic. Here you will find very historical coral buildings. The buildings are made from coral reefs from the Red Sea. These sorts of buildings may sound daft now, but they are still in use. 

King Fahad Fountain

You can never experience Jeddah’s essence without a visit to King Fahad Fountain, the tallest in the world. By night time, when the sea reflects the city’s sparkling light it would be the perfect time to admire the view of the fountain as it is reaching out to the sky.

Corniche Open Air Museum

Jeddah is considered as a grand scale public art museum designed to bring delight to the residents and give them a sense of modernity blended with traditional culture. Having a walk by the open-air Cornish museum you will be able to admire 20 of the most magnificent sculptures by Henry Moore, Victor Vazerally, Cesar Baldaccini and many more.

Jeddah Flagpole

Minutes away from the hotel is Jeddah’s patriotic flagpole, the tallest in the world. Make sure you capture the opportunity to visit the symbolic pride of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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