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HMH Brands

HMH – Hospitality Management Holding provides a choice of brands catering to all market segments. These include Bahi Hotels & Resorts, Coral Hotels & Resorts, Corp Hotels, EWA Hotel Apartments and ECOS Hotels.

Our guests are guaranteed to find sophisticated luxury or urban elegance, a family retreat or a beach destination, a budget hotel, and all within the HMH umbrella. Every brand has its own unique personality and exceptional ambiance, which provide a distinct experience.

Our principle is to deliver and guarantee heart-warming Arabian hospitality with world-class hotel management to all our guests and partners. The pillars for HMH’s growth are brand diversification, innovation, core values, respect for local cultures, commitment to excellence, and the quality of service delivery.

Product diversification and innovation, sound fundamental values, respect and sensitivity for local culture, commitment to excellence, quality service and expansion in key destinations are the cornerstones behind HMH’s amazing growth.