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Located in north-east Africa, Sudan is divided into eastern and western halves by the beautiful River Nile swarming with millions of blood-red fish. This searing desert of golden pyramids and sweeping hills are quite something to see.

Sudanese hospitality is second to none, and for most travelling through Sudan it is such an eye-opening and rewarding experience that many travellers come away saying that Sudan is their favourite country in Africa.


Divided by the Niles, Khartoum is a metropolitan area with a population of over five-million people. It is located at the junction of the Blue Nile flowing west from Ethiopia, and the White Nile flowing north from Lake Victoria

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Khartoum is the capital and second largest city of Sudan and Khartoum state. Khartoum International Airport is the largest airport in Sudan and is the main hub for the country’s main carrier, Sudan Airways. Several clubs reside in Khartoum such as the Blue Nile Sailing Club, the German Club, the Greek Hotel, the Coptic Club, the Syrian Club and the International Club. Al Khartoum Al Watani Sports Club is a football club based in Khartoum, playing at the top level of Sudanese professional football and the Sudan Premier League.

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Salah Mohamed Aloub, General Manager, recommends

‘’One of my favourite spots is Sudan National Museum, which features a spectacular array of artefacts and covers all of Sudan’s rich and interesting history.” ‘’Omdurman Souq is a local and fun souq. It is abuzz with vibrant colours, noise and lots of activity with a surprise around every corner. My trips here are always thoroughly enjoyable, particularly with family and friends.’’

Salah Mohamed Aloub


Port Sudan is a major industrial port city in eastern Sudan and the capital of the state of Red Sea. With hot desert climates and some of the world’s most spectacular diving, their tourism industry is growing.

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Fresh local cuisine, particularly the seafood is wonderful in the city and a must for sampling. The natural hospitality and hard work of the Sudanese people add to the city’s charm. The vibrant fish market is a great spot for previewing what you may see below sea level if you’re visiting the city on a diving expedition. When purchasing fish here you are able to take it to the cookery shop located opposite the market to have it freshly cooked for lunch. Port Sudan’s untouched coral reefs are an underwater dream for divers. Home to Cousteau’s underwater empire and teeming with hammerhead sharks, the Red Sea makes for a truly unique diving experience

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Ashraf, General Manager, recommends

‘’The diving and snorkelling is unbeatable in Port Sudan. Offering a myriad of diving opportunities that will thrill, the Red Sea is like no other. I cannot recommend it enough for both new and experienced divers.

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