Coral Khartoum Hotel Restaurants

The dining experiences at Coral Khartoum Hotel is rich and diverse. Guests can choose from various options of international cuisines, or the most authentic local delicacies prepared with the finest local ingredients.

Coral Khartoum Hotel Ivory Club

Ivory Club

Our fine dining restaurant features a tempting selection of international dishes. Our chefs also present some of the best Sudanese dishes with unique flavours. The restaurant's signature dishes and ambience are the biggest attractions among tourists and hotel guests.

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Ivory Club is also the perfect place to host your private parties and events, where your guests are guaranteed to enjoy the occasion and spend memorable times.

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Coral Khartoum Hotel Aros El Nile Restaurant

Aros El Nile Restaurant

Experience the aroma and unique tastes of a traditional Sudanese coffee house. Enjoy the smell of roasted coffee beans and enjoy a warm cup of Sudanese coffee, fatira, light meals, snacks and beverages.

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Coral Khartoum Hotel Mogran Restaurant

Mogran Restaurant

Whenever you fancy a bite, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Mogran is at your service.

Coral Khartoum Hotel Sunset Lounge

Sunset Lounge

Located in the main lobby lounge, this leisure spot serves refreshments and snacks.

Delicious Dining In Your Room

If you prefer to unwind and watch TV, simply consider the in-room dining options available.

We will serve the Coral Khartoum Hotel favourite dishes and pastries in the elegance and discretion of your room.