Coral Al Ahsa Hotel Things to Do
A guide to some of the fun things waiting for you at Al Ahsa.

Nestled within the Al Ahsa Oasis in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, the city of Hofuf (itself known as Al Ahsa or Al Hasa) sprawls over the palm-tree covered lands inhabited since the prehistoric times. Hofuf is packed with historic sites, architectural monuments and natural wonders - from forts and palaces to the Qara Mountain Caves and natural springs.

Qaisariah Souq

Qaisariah Souq

The Qaisariah Souq is a cultural attraction just as much as a shopping venue - the souq is well-preserved to reflect the spirit of ancient times, Arabic architecture and traditional markets. Vendors sell all manner of things (fabrics, crafts, spices, etc.) in the unique, old-time atmosphere of the souq.

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