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A guide to some of the fun things waiting for you in Beirut.

Whether golf is your game, history and culture your passion, or you just love hitting the beach, Beirut has plenty of activities for you. Here you’ll discover how to make the most of Lebanon’s coastline and mountainous enclaves, or just soak up the culture and sample Lebanese cuisine.

Baalbek Coral Beirut Al Hamra


Uncover Lebanon’s ancient history at one of the biggest site of Roman ruins in the Middle East

Faraya Mzaar Coral Beirut Al Hamra

Faraya Mzaar

Enjoy a day of skiing only 45 minutes away from the city

Zaytuna Bay Coral Beirut Al Hamra

Zaytuna Bay

Enjoy a cup of coffee, or grab a delicious lunch at the distinct boardwalk marina of Zaytuna

Experience Beirut

Dive into the night life or stroll through miles of the Corniche.